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MySQL Perfomance Optimierung

Geschrieben von Tris am in Zitrox Infrastruktur

Diese Nacht haben wir auf unseren MySQL Servern diverse Parameter zur Perfomance-Optimierung angepasst: join_buffer_size = 1M tmp_table_size = 16M max_heap_table_size = 16M thread_cache_size = 4 table_cache = 64 innodb_buffer_pool_size = 30M

Upgrade Webservices

Geschrieben von Tris am in Zitrox Infrastruktur

Folgende Änderungen wurden in der Nacht auf heute durchgeführt: Patched all versions of Apache to make apxs compatible with Perl 5.12 Upgraded PHP Suhosin to 0.9.31 Updated EAccelerator to Updated all IonCube loaders to latest versions

ESX4.1 / ESXi 4.1 Installations on HP systems might result in silent data corruption!

Geschrieben von Tris am in esx, esxi, VMware

ESX(i) installations on HP systems require the HP NMI driverESX 4.1 instances on HP systems require the HP NMI driver to ensure proper handling of non-maskable interrupts (NMIs). The NMI driver ensures that NMIs are properly detected and logged. Without this driver, NMIs, which signal hardware faults, are ignored on HP systems with ESX. Workaround: Download and install the NMI driver. The driver is available as an offline bundle from the HP Web site. Also, see KB 1021609.